WBKM.ORG Birthday party with Bob Wagner And Friends, The ID, and The Seth Yacovone Band at Nectar’s November 12, 2013   Leave a comment

I had a great time at the Wbkm Dot Org birthday party Tuesday night. I got out of work at nine, did a quick turn around, and walked into Nectar’s at 9:40. Bob Wagner, D. Davis and friends were on and playing a blues rock standard. It took a few minutes to shake off work, but as I got into the groove, I was amazed at how good those two guys are on guitar. I’d seen Bob a couple of times in other bands, but had never seen him as a center piece, and he was as great as I expected. D was really good too, and at one point he was playing a killer lead, and underneath Bob was playing something so gentle, that it made the whole song sing. I missed the bass player’s name, but he was rock solid, as was the mighty Steve Hadeka on drums. For one song, and older gentleman, who’s name I missed, sat in on drums, and Joe Moore played some smoking sax. Hadeka returned and they played a song that was a nice pop song sort of thing, that just built and built and rained down rock and roll fire by the end. OK, there we go! The pulled out covers of Dirty Works, and Mr Soul. They played a staggering version of Chris Robinson’s Train Robbers, and closed the night with Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad. The twin lead guitars were glorious and over the top. Yes, that random blues band, on a Tuesday night in Burlington, could just be one of the best bands ever. That’s just how we do it in Burlington.

Next up, Tony’s kids, and a bass player, too the stage. The ID switched gears and played some indie rock. While they had some things going for them, it’s hard to go on after a great band. They are young, and may have great futures, but they didn’t rock it as hard as the band before. That said, they started to lock in for the last couple of songs. They have potential, but it’s not fully realized yet.

Up Seth Yacovone hit the stage with his band. Again, I missed the name of the bass player, but Hadeka was on drums. The trio brought the energy back to the Wagner level, and they rocked the night away. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Seth, and his playing is fluid and ferocious. He played some outstanding leads, and I loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, at one point, the length of the day started to wear on me. It was hard to walk away from something so good, but I was pretty exhausted, so I headed out. I walked home in the happy bliss of knowing there is more great music in this town than I can possibly catch, and that there’s a whole crop of kids on the horizon that are on their way to similar greatness. Thanks WBKM for such a great party, for 6 years of music, and for letting me be a part of it!

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