Vultures of Cult and Lord Silky at the Monkey House October 15, 2013   Leave a comment

I had a good time at The Monkey House last night. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good metal outing. I caught a ride with Nathan Curtis, and we arrived at quarter of 10 with Vultures of Cult onstage. Their super heavy dirge riffs seem straight forward, but had a lot of subtle time changes. It’s like you could rock into the groove, but really had to listen to see where it was going. They weren’t super fast, but were magnificently heavy. The vocals were screamed at near cookie monster level. Both guitar players shared the singing/screaming duties and the rhythm section ran through the changes with sledgehammer precision. They were really good, and I had a great time.

Lord Silky followed and kept the heaviness flowing. That and the beer. The singer, guitar, bass and drums quartet were a bit more solid metal, than the Vultures dirge and every note was an assault on the senses. Think big burly bearded men whipping the crowd into a mosh pit frenzy. PBR cans were crushed, baptizing everyone in the packed club, except those back by the pool tables. T-shirts were ripped off and thrown to the audience, and when the singer went to rip off drummer Kelly Ravin’s shirt, he yanked him across the kit. After a short rearrangement of the cymbals, they kept the rock loud and ferocious. Their set was not super long, but was a fun powerhouse of a show. What a night!!

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