Violette Ultraviolet, Swale, and Caveman at Signal Kitchen October 14, 2013   2 comments

I just got back from seeing music at Signal Kitchen. I was running late, but caught two songs from Violette Ultraviolet. I walked in, barely out of work, and caught the groove, wonderfully mixed with subtlety and intensity. I fell into their serious builds and ripping guitar workouts, and loved every moment that they were on. I was bummed I missed most of their set, but loved what I caught.

Swale followed with a perfect set. The sound was fantastic, they played like fury, and put me through the roof. They opened with a conundrum of a song and followed with a killer Faineant. Waterlanding was ripped from the sky excellent. Middlesex was gorgeous. Overcoat had a killer, over the top, rocking middle section. Everyone Likes to Fight and Popular Crowd rocked hard, and had me flailing with joy. They closed with a slow Good Medicine, that felt like it was going to rip from the start, but stayed mellow, until that switch where it took off to majestic heights. What a fantastic show!

I knew nothing about Caveman, and they took the stage with a full rock sound. They reminded me of the rock/pop sound of Longwave. There were elements of U-2 here and there. In general they had a full sound with drenched keys, a pretty sweet guitar player, a drummer who had that great bounce to his playing, but…..They never took it over the top. It sounded great, but had a bit of Coldplay restraint. There were several spots in the several songs I hung out for, where they could have really gone off, but every time they brought it back to the easy to find pop zone. I liked what they sounded like, but they just didn’t rock me. That said, I easily, and happily, got my $10.00 worth at the show tonight.


2 responses to “Violette Ultraviolet, Swale, and Caveman at Signal Kitchen October 14, 2013

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  1. hi, can i send you a free violette ultraviolet cd to make up for the set you missed?

  2. I’d love a free Violette Ultraviolet CD, unless it’s the one with Leonard Cohen and Confession. I got that the first time I saw VU and have played both songs (Confession at least twice) on my radio show on WBKM.ORG. If you have something new, I’d love it! You can send it to Tim Lewis, C/O WBKM, 200 Main St.Suite 4, Burlington, VT 05401. From the categories link, to the left, on this blog, you can take the WBKM Burlington’s Kind of Music link, and read through all of the shows I’ve played. I’ve played Confession twice since it’s the song that sounds closest to what I’ve heard of you live, but had to play Leonard before the Leonard Cohen night at Radio Bean.

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