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Jon Stewart “Let’s turn to overseas.  A week ago, just one week, seven days, it seemed the only way these United States might avoid war with Syria, was through our usual semantic shenanigans.  We would bomb them but we’d call it a freedom play date.  You know what I’m talking about. But, over the weekend, the winds of war shifted dramatically.”

Don Lemon (CNN) 9-14-13 “After days of negotiations, Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia’s top diplomat have reached an agreement that could end Syria’s chemical weapons program.  They sealed the deal in Geneva, one that could leave Syria with no chemical weapons by the middle of next year.”

Stewart “I can’t believe it, we pulled, we managed not to have a war with somebody.  I don’t, you don’t get a war, and you don’t get a war, and you don’t get a war. Everybody doesn’t get a war…..So, we get to take Assad’s chemical weapons.  We don’t have to kill anyone, and we did it all just by the talky talk.  There’s only one way to describe that.”

Sen Lindsey Graham 9-14-13 “It means nothing, so this is a debacle.”

Stewart “Graham, why can’t you take no war for an answer?”

Graham “The reason I wanted to strike Assad is to punish him.”


Stewart “Lindsey Graham isn’t alone in feeling that this successful use of diplomacy to achieve our goal, is the worst defeat in American history.”

Pundit on CNN 9-15-13 “I just don’t see how this is a good outcome for anybody.”

Sen John McCain (R-AZ) 9-15-13 “I think it’s a loser.”

Fox host 9-15-13 “It ends up being a hand off to Vladimir Putin.”

Fox pundit 9-14-13 “I have never seen a fiasco like this from a US President.”

Stewart “What am I missing?  We might contain a dictators chemical weapons stockpile without having to kill innocent civilians in the process, or invading a country and creating more, there’s only two explanations, for how this fellow there (last Fox pundit), the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot, has never seen a fiasco like this from a US President.  A.) he’s only six months old, he’s one of them Benjamin Button type dudes, …, and he worked for Regan, never seen a fiasco like this, Iran Contra, or B.) Paul Gigot doesn’t understand what the word fiasco means.  What?  A threesome with hot girls now, but I’m supposed to go collect my lottery winnings.  What a fiasco…..The only thing that they like less than that we’re not bombing now, is that we might not bomb.”

Fox host 9-15-13 “It appears that the threat of force has been taken off the table.”

Pundit on Face the Nation 9-15-13 “I think that it does take the use of American force, pretty much off the table.”

Pundit 9-13-13 “I think that the armed response really is off the table.”

Stewart “It’s not off the table.  The armed response is never off the table.  Who believes the armed response is off the table.  This is America, have you seen the table? (shows a picture with the top of an aircraft carrier as a table)




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