Vetica and Cameo Harlot at the Monkey House September 4, 2013   Leave a comment

I just got home from seeing music at the Monkey House. The show was billed as Cameo Harlot, doors at 8, show at 8:30. I took a walk, through the steady misty rain, to the house of Monkeys and music. I walked in and immediately started chatting with Luke and Jared from Vetica. After a bit, I asked the obvious question, are you guys playing tonight? They said yea, we were added to the bill as the openers. Cool!!!

Vetica played a blistering set of indie rock. Their songs have nice melodies and rock urgency. Luke’s leads pull the songs out of their melodies with beautiful distortion. The rest of the band create happy places, where you can really let loose. Songs with slow parts just add to the overall dynamic, but at the end of the day, Vetica are a serious rock band and are as much fun as you can hope for.

Cameo Harlot followed with a loud rock set. It was more of a classic rock style, with punk and indie drive. The played a very Pirates-like cover of Shaking All Over, and an oddly fun rock version of Now I Wanna Be Your Dog. Most of the set was them taking their songs through a pleasantly coherent maze of changes, all of which seemed to lead to rock and roll bliss. From first note to last, they were solid, powerful, and kept me going. I was completely happy and my only care in the world, from the late middle to the end of the set, was dodging the slow trickle rivers and pools of beer, emanating from the glass kicked off the stage.

After the show, I said Hi to Cam, the drummer, and said Chip Martin said to say hi. Actually, we said it at the almost same time. I bought a shirt and found out they are playing next Wednesday and the one after. Cool! It’s about time there’s some rock and roll on a Saturday night (your Wednesday).



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