Milton Busker, Hana Zara, and Vetica at Radio Bean, August 23, 2013   4 comments

I just got back from seeing and hearing music at Radio Bean. I wanted to check out Milton Busker and was glad I did. The set had a downbeat tone, but was quiet and powerful. I knew the song Dogs at the Door, and was surprised at how well he did it live. It was just him, and electrified acoustic guitar. The foot pedals created the mood and he let the song flow with a subtle intensity. The rest of the songs were good, and a couple had serious builds. I was well impressed and glad I dragged myself out.

After his set, I took a walk around town, then made it back for the last couple of songs by Dietrich Gosser and his drummer. He played some strong songs on acoustic, but I did not catch enough to make a full impression.

In the break, Vetica loaded in their gear and a blanket and pillows were set on the floor. The next act was billed as story time with Hana Zara. She sat on the stage, and invited us to sit on the floor. Many of us did and she told stories and played her wonderful songs. I really liked the song she opened with, The North. Lithuania and Santa Anna were as captivating as last time I saw her. Symmetry and Science Fiction were so starkly drawn you could feel every nuance of the emotions behind the stories. Her songs have a great sweep, tons of changes, and a wonderful flow. I’m completely on board for whatever else she’s got.

Vetica followed with a blisteringly loud and fast rock set. The two guitars, bass, drum band played a ton of short fun songs that kept me dancing from first note to last. Their ear-ringing set was nothing but joy.

After the last note rang out, I took the door and the quick walk home. Through the rocked out daze, an acoustic guitar started playing in my mind. It took a few seconds to recognize, but it was Lithuania, and it’s still playing in my head. I’m blissfully happy and it sounds great.


4 responses to “Milton Busker, Hana Zara, and Vetica at Radio Bean, August 23, 2013

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the set. I have some additional recordings if you’re interested. Some are admittedly rough.

    And I love what you’re doing with this space. Keep it up!


  2. Thanks for the props, man. I really like what you’ve got going on here. If you’re at all interested, I’ve got some other recordings over on SoundCloud: – Some are a little rougher than others…

    Thanks again for coming to the show. If you come to another one, stop me and say hello.


  3. Understood, and thanks for enjoying the show. And sorry for the double-post. WordPress didn’t give me the impression that the first post went through.

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