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John Oliver (talking about the Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage) “Yesterday, more than a dozen members of the Republican study committee got together in front of less than a dozen members of the press to share their feelings.”

Rep Joseph Pitts (R-PA) “The Supreme Court wants to dictate to the American people what elected legislators can do regarding Federal law.”

Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN) “And now we have an effective oligarchy of five who decide what are the most fundamental issues of our day.”

Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA) “It’s a sad day when unelected judges could change the definition of marriage, and turn their backs on the will of voters.”

Oliver “Yea, but here’s the thing about that.  If we did everything American voters wanted, we would long ago have replaced our clean water supply with Mountain Dew and Red Bull.  The whole point of the Supreme Court is to keep us in check.  Sometimes, we as a nation, make bad decisions, and the court has to come in and say, sorry buddy, give us your keys.  You’re really going to regret segregating schools tomorrow morning.  There is a reason that Lady Justice is blindfolded holding scales, and not giving a wink and a thumbs up.  That is the point of the Supreme Court.”

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