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(Reuters) – The U.S. Agriculture Department, probing how a genetically engineered trait entered an Oregon wheat field and the extent of the contamination, has tested a dozen wheat samples and is looking at a national seed storage facility in an effort to resolve the mystery and calm a troubled market for U.S. wheat exports, a spokesman said on Thursday.

The government has tested eight samples of seed and four grain samples and none of the more than 100 tests conducted have turned up positive for the experimental genetically engineered trait that was found contaminating the Oregon wheat field this spring, said Ed Curlett, a spokesman for the USDA.

Curlett said the government tested nine “pools” from each of the 12 samples for detection of as small a contamination level as 0.003 percent, or roughly one in about 30,000 kernels.

“Our ongoing investigation seeks to determine how the incident with GE wheat in Oregon occurred, and all leads are being pursued,” he said.

Industry players remain on edge as the wheat harvest in the Pacific Northwest nears, and farmers fear they will have problems selling their wheat as the mystery of how the contamination happened and how widespread it is remains unsolved.

“People are so concerned,” said Blake Rowe, chief executive of the Oregon Wheat Commission. “Until the customers are back, that won’t change.”

Rowe and another Oregon wheat representative met Tuesday with USDA officials in Washington and are writing a letter laying out for USDA what the industry and customers need to restore market stability, including a rapid test to assure supplies are free of the GMO trait. More detail from USDA on exactly what its investigation is revealing is also needed, he said




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