Fleetwood Mac cover night at the Monkey House, May 17, 2013   Leave a comment

I just got back from the Fleetwood Mac cover night at the Monkey House. The show took forever to start, and I heard that Blue Button canceled. The first guy on played Xylophone with a pre-recorded cassette. He played Caroline. It was ok, but not great. Just for the record, I checked online to be sure of the song title, and the version from Tango in the Night, sounded kind of like what he played. For his next song, his cassette died. It started to sound slow, and when he pulled it out, you could see the tape hanging. He wound it tight but it looked creased. For the next song it was just him and the mallets for Oh Daddy. Loosing the beat brought the sound of his instrument to the forefront, and it sounded great.

After that, there was a 30 minute switchover for Tooth Ache to play her electronic songs. The first guy sat in back, and triggered e-drums, but her voice was low in the mix and the two songs she played lacked a bit. Her second song, Say You Love Me, got the audience moving, but needed a bit more of her voice in the mix.

Swale followed with a reasonably quick set up, but it took a bit of time to get Amanda’s mic on. When ready, they did a very mellow Landslide, then upped the energy for Rhinnon and Gypsy. I think that was Tyler Bolleson bass, for the last two.

Vedora’s drummer Jeff LaBossierewas celebrating a birthday in the worst possible way, by being quite ill. Eric Olsen sat in on drums for Vedora’s first song and Jeremy Fredricks sat in for the other two. They played Dreams, Hypnotized, and finally, the full version of the Chain. I kind of knew they were going to do that, but wasn’t certain, until they did. Jeremy did a great job, but it didn’t pop like it does, when Jeff plays.

All in all it was a pretty good night. I don’t know who was on after, if anyone, but after Vedora, I was set. It wasn’t too cold, and a nice night for walking.


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