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Jon Stewart “You may be wondering why, for Benghazi, Congress has held nine full hearings, including one closed hearing, why Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullen issued a full accountability report chastising the State Department for their systemic failures, and why Benghazi has generally emerged as a rallying cry for the President’s opponents, when during the Bush administration there were 54 attacks on diplomatic targets that killed 13 Americans, yet garnered only three hearings on embassy security, total, and zero outrage on Fox. So, why is this attack so different for Republicans?”

Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN) “This makes Watergate look like child’s play, Meghan.”

Stewart “Oh, that is serious. That’s not a term that people through around lightly. Oh, sorry, she was talking about Solyndra. Do we have anybody talking about Benghazi?”

Rep Louis Gomert (R-TX) “This is far worse than Watergate.”

Stewart “Far worse than Watergate. There you have it. Benghazi is far worse than Watergate. Sorry about that. He’s talking about the fast and furious. The movies? ‘Cause I didn’t care for Tokyo Drift…Oh right, the thing with the guns, and the tracing of them. Well, If fast and furious was far worse than Watergate, what’s Benghazi?”

Rep Steve King (R-IA) “If you add Watergate and Iran Contra together and multiply it times maybe 10 or so, you’re going to get into the zone of what Benghazi is.”

Stewart “Holy bleep. Watergate plus Iran Contra times…So, you’re saying, that the incident, where by order of the President of the United States, people broke into the Democratic headquarters to bug it, to gain strategic advantage in a Presidential election, and then covered that up by trying to use the power of the Presidency to squash the Justice Department and then added that to the Regan administrations secret deal to sell arms to Iran in exchange for hostages and money that could then be funneled to Central American right wing death squads, end parentheses, times 10. Well, I’m in, how could it not be?”

You can watch the full destruction of the Benghazi argument at these two links:



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