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I just got home from seeing music tonight. Radio Bean did not have a drummer or bass player. But ,I got to hear a lot of cool George Harrison songs, like Aaron Flinn doing a solo acoustic version of Beware of Darkness, Joe Adler singing a killer Give Me Love (Peace on Earth), the guys on uke’s, 12 stings, and 12 string ukes doing Isn’t it a Pity. Wow. The wrap up with most everyone, including Linda Bassick doing a Subterranean Homesick Blues impression, pulling back the lyric cards, for the various Eastern Gods referenced in My Sweet Lord. Hmm, so many great performances! Aaron’s solo on While My Guitar, will stay with me for a while.

Ryan Ober opened solo electric with a song I did not catch, the Roll Over Beethoven
Nowa Crosby and Franky Andreas used ukelele’s, a 12 string acoustic, and something that looked like a large 12 string mandolin. They played If not for you, Isn’t it a Pity, and Wah Wah
Josh Glass on keys, Linda Bassick on backing vocals and guitar at times, Kirk Flanagan, and Aaron Flinn played Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps (with a killer solo from Aaron).
Joe Adler came up for Handle with Care, a couple from Revolver including a really tight version of Taxman. Give Me Love (Peace on Earth) sounded great with Joe’s deep voice.

There was lots more too

Vedora Manhattan Pizza May 3, 2013

Vedora Manhattan Pizza May 3, 2013

I walked into Manhattan Pizza to the closing strains of Terrarium. Vedora killed it, and played four new songs. They previewed a song for the Fleetwood Mac cover night, but it was their songs that really shone.

New song
To Send You
Basalt Anchor
Get on Board

Set 2
All in the Room
Jump Back
New song
Careless Whisper with Caroline on SAX
Fleetwood Mac cover
True Blue
New song – the feeling?
In the Pines->The Chain
Let’s go for a Ride
New song
Newish instrumental

After, I popped into WBKM. I set up Basalt, Terrarium, In the Pines, and a bunch of George Harrison songs. Why not? Tonight, that was Burlington’s Kind of Music.


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