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Stewart “But, as always, after the crisis passes, thoughts turn to what does this mean for me.  First, reflections from overseas.”

Petr Ganalovic, Czech Republic Ambassador to the US “The Czech Republic is a European country.  It is a different thing than Chechnya.”

Stewart “That is the Czech Republic ambassador feeling the justified need to explain to an American audience that two similar sounding foreign nations, are not necessarily the same nation.  But, I interrupted you. Please go on.”

Ganalovic “Obviously we’ve been seeing things on the social media that people are mixing up Czech Republic and Chechnya.  I wish to stress that this is the Czech Republic, a country of central Europe, and your NATO ally.”

Stewart “Oh, you’re an ally.  Who said the Czech Republic wasn’t an ally.  Are you really saying we would overreact to a terror act on our soil by invading a country that had nothing to do with…..Oh.”


Posted April 23, 2013 by tmusicfan in Politics, Quote of the Day

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