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FAREED ZAKARIA (CNN): A final question, I mentioned, you know, repression didn’t work; bribery seems to have worked. You haven’t repressed; you don’t have the money to bribe.

Do you feel like you’ve managed this kind of balancing act in Jordan and that you worry that all these pressures from Syria, the Israeli issue, could destabilize it all?

KING OF JORDAN, ABDULLAH II BIN AL-HUSSEIN: Well, it goes, I think, without saying that the past year-and-a-half with the very difficult challenges to our economy, to our gas being cut off, or Egypt that got us into the financial difficulties that we’re facing today, instabilities in Syria have definitely added to the challenge.

But Jordan has always, I think, looked at whatever policies they have not to use other things that are happening in the area as an excuse. I think the difference between Jordan is — and many other countries — is we took a different approach. And we push for evolution, not revolution, and the only way you can do that is through the rule of law. So a national committee was put together and they changed a third of the constitution, created an independent commission for elections, a new constitutional court, many other laws.

So we took the systematic approach mainly because of my experiences in being educated in the West, looking how Western systems did it. It was really the rule of law and I sometimes am surprised by Western think tanks and certain of the European ambassadors in our country where they say, well, this is going to be very difficult.



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