Tired today, but a pretty good day   Leave a comment

I worked from 10-5, and it was a pretty good day.  I was a bit tired, from seeing so much music last night, but was pretty buoyant.  A couple of yawns here and there, but I was happily awake.  Now that I’m home, I’m a bit tired in the afterglow.  Joe Adler and the Rangers of Danger were great last night, but they went on late.  It was supposed to be 9 sharp, but the drummer was late from another gig, or so I heard.  They started close to 10.  I loved the songs I caught, but with Vedora at 10:30, I had to run in the 5th song.  I walked in with Vedora just about to play.  They were great fun as always.  Doll Fight came on after and rocked the place pretty hard.  A mosh pit formed in the middle of their punk set, so I got knocked around a little.  They wrapped up, maybe 12:45, and it was just too late to stay for Trapper Keeper, even though they the band highest on my must check out list.  I walked home and fell asleep soon after, and soon after the alarm went off and the day started.  It was a pretty good day.




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