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The goals we set


Cause us tension

Tightening muscles

And arteries

And thoughts

And feelings


The instilled

Desire to succeed

Causes us tension

Consuming our wonder

And our beauty

And our magnificence


To gain enough to be full

Our desire to succeed

Relieving our tension

Finally being safe

Finally being secure

Finally being home


We confuse spiritual goals

With our physical realities

Using our tension

To find out who we are

To make it who we are

To be who we are


The goal to which we strive

Riches beyond our dreams

Free from the tension

We buy the new car

We take the pilgrimage

To hide from who we are


Knowing that we’re unknowing

Is what really drives us mad

Ramping up the tension

Wanting to know why

Wanting to know how

Wanting to know who


Then look away from business and see

The magnificent you you can be

Completely at peace with the tension

Wanting just to sing

Wanting just to dance

Wanting just to play



Posted December 29, 2012 by tmusicfan in Lyrics

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