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I have let life fill me

Until I finally found it

I’ve ignored life enough

Finally reached out and lost it


I’ve been looking for the glow

For so long


I let the warm buzz fill me

Extrasensory energy to buzz the me that’s me

I let it vacuate me

To bring a higher vibration to all scenes in my life


I’ve been looking for the glow

For so long


I let the glow emanate from me

Until everything around me glowed less distinct

I imagined where I want to be

And the glow began its journey to distinction


I’ve been looking for the glow

For so long


The glowing objects around me

Solidified into a place that I knew

Was it my imagination?

Or have I resolidified somewhere else?


I walked around the new town

With every detail as real as the real always feels

I wrote a note and mailed it

As if I was real there and the note would come to me


I’m looking for the next step

For so long


I let my images reglow

And let the glow of life completely fill my eyes

It abated to the solid

I was back in my room with the hint of the glow


I’ve been looking for this glow

For so long


Days later I laughed

I must have been stoned to think I had traveled

Days later I laughed

The note I sent myself arrived in the mail


Thinking is the best way to travel

For so long


I’ve since played with the glow

I have traveled everywhere on our beautiful planet

I’ve since lived out the glow

Traveling everywhere beyond our beautiful planet

Go ahead, Glowride in the Dreamglow


Posted December 29, 2012 by tmusicfan in Lyrics

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