Insubstantially I walk   Leave a comment

Where in the hell am I?

So many emotions are contained

Within the limits of my body

So much angst and contentment

How do I burn it?

How do I use it as fuel?

How do I not?


It happens

It all burns

And the result of the fuel

Propels you

Ever foreword

To the inevitable end


The last island on earth

Is less attached to my soles

Than ever before

I’ve never been this light

I’ve never been this heavy

Waning attachments

Seem less relevant now


It happens

It all goes

And the result of the trip

Compels me

Eternally now

Enjoying the moments I can


What have I done with my life?

What else should I still do?


I think I’ll stop asking

And simply float where I am

It’s taken so long

To get to this place

That I don’t understand


Insubstantially I walk

Physical time traded for music

Emotions diving and soaring

Life is so fun and so fucking boring

I drift ever foreword

I drift ever upward

Fixed in my loving beliefs

That I use to drive my life

Another passion tossed on the fire

Another emotion experienced and burned

Reveling in the light and the heat

Smoked to the core

Burned apart by life

Taken apart

Piece by piece

Until questions rule the mind

And body starts to float

Further and further away

From this temporary home

This house of many questions

This life that at times

Is mistaken for hell.



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