Cusp at January 18, 2008   Leave a comment

A grey Sunday in January

Is how it looks outside

But somewhere

Almost everywhere

Enormous hope is alive

And breathing free

The collective of us

Again has a chance

To take form

Igniting ourselves alive


In 2 days

The most hopeful

And least likely

Organization of emotions available

Will solidify the ideals of our founding

To begin setting policy

To which we will choose to abide


On a personal level

The choice begins every day

Acts are chosen

Every day

But on a collective level

It gets tricky

To get two people in synch

Is hard

Yet possible

At least for a while

To get three

Or four or more or a group

Steps beyond tricky

And into hard


To appeal to the better angles of our nature

As whitewash for our differences

To solidify the highest ideals

As a goal

A source of light

For all us moths to approach

And the brighter the light

The more the leader can say

C’mon it’ll be worth it


Irregardless of the leaders of the world

The source that inspires us all

Has found a way

To come out and play

With the incoming leader of the world


And on this day

So calm

Not so cold

But so grey

We’re only moments away

From another chance

To begin.


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