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Stewart “Now, of course, we could show you Democrats and Republicans taking opposite positions on filibuster reform, when their roles were reversed seven years ago, but eeh.  There’s something about this I, actually, don’t understand.  If the Republicans can filibuster anything the Democrats can propose, they how can the Democrats reform the filibuster without being filibustered?”

Reporter 11-30-12 “Democrats have said they won’t move forward on any changes before January, when the one hundred thirteenth Congress begins.  At that point, under conditions that only apply on the first day of a new session, they could alter the Senate rules by a simple majority.”

Stewart “Now you’re just making (stuff) up.  What kind of rule is that?  Well, we can’t do it, except on the first day of a new session, when Orion is in the house of the rising sun, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, and it’s opposite day and the girl Senators get to ask the boy Senators to the dance.  When crazy rules like these get in the way, how do you expect anything to get done?”

Sen Harry Reid 12-8-06 “The Senate was not established to be efficient.”

Stewart “Well, mission bleeping accomplished.”



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