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Stewart “And if you talk ballot initiatives, you’ve gotta talk California, a state that loves referendums even when it says putting avocado things that really, avocado doesn’t belong on.  Seriously, what is wrong with you people?  That’s a cheese steak.  Why would you put avocado on a cheese steak?  So, what did they vote on?  To grant tax exempt status to weirdos on the boardwalk with a snake on their shoulder, or cupcakes must not have at least 3% kale?”

Mike Taibbi “In California, voters agreed to pay more in sales tax and more income tax for high earners to help close what Governor Jerry Brown calls a 34 billion dollar state budget gap.”

Stewart “Oh.  California actually deciding to start to pay for some of the stuff they want to do.  Ah, my baby is growing up.”


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