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Tom Ricks, author of the Generals on Morning Joe on MSNBC “It’s harder in these smaller, unpopular wars, to know what success looks like.  World War II, it was pretty clear what we were doing.  Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, these have been messy smaller unpopular wars.  That said, we did know what success looked like when David Petraeus achieved it in Iraq.  Now, I think his mission was to get us out of Iraq, and he achieved it.  So yes, success …

Mike Barnacle “Was Petraeus a great general?”

Ricks “I think Petraeus is a terrific general.”

Barnacle “What about Tommy Franks?”

Ricks “I call him, in my book, a two time loser.  Most generals only get a chance to screw up one war.  He screwed up two, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Here’s a guy who thought it was a net gain to push al-Quaeda from Afghanistan to Pakistan, who thought it was a good idea to let Osama bin Laden escape.  The CIA said put a regiment of Army Rangers on the Pak border to stop the escape, and Franks and Donald Rumsfeld said no.  We could have got bin Laden if they had followed the CIA’s repeated request in late 01.”


Richard Wolf at the end of Morning Joe saying what he learned on the show today “11 commanders in 11 years in Afghanistan and we wonder why we don’t have a strategy.”

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