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David Letterman “Ever since we’ve been on the air, we’ve had the candidate for election as a guest on the show.  And, sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t win, but they’ve always been here.  In Bob Dole’s case, remember he came on the very day after the election when he lost.  He couldn’t have been more charming, and everybody said wait a minute, let me rethink my vote, but it was too late.  So, a couple weeks ago we had President Obama who was on the show.  He’s running for the office.  33 days ’til the election?  36.  36days ’til election, we have not heard from Mitt Romney and his people.  They have an open invitation to be here.  36 days remaining, he’s going to have to…you know, if you want to be in the White House, you’ve gotta sit right over there and talk to me.  I’m sorry, it’s the way it is.  So, Mitt is on record as saying when he gets to be President the first thing he will do, is he will talk tough to China.  He will put China in their place.  (Letterman points to his guest chair) Really?  What about that?  What about over there, Mitt?  He can handle China, but he can’t handle me.”



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