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Dan Rather Sept 10, 2012  “The reason Bill Clinton was so masterful, is he didn’t talk at people, he talked to people.  And, he had a conversation with the audience, with the American people, and he had a respect for the audience, even some respect for the other party.  This was powerful stuff.  Now neither, frankly, neither Obama nor Romney seems to have gotten that message fully.  But, it’s time, and I hope we have this in the rest of the campaign, when, let’s cut the bull feathers here.  Let’s cut this business of saying one thing to one group of people, and really talk to people, not at them, and talk seriously.  And the press has a big role to play in this.  The press needs to hold candidates accountable.  When they flip flop, not just the appearance of flip flop, when they flip flop that needs to be driven home.  There is a tendency in the press, and I do not except my self in this criticism, to say, well on the one hand this isn’t true, but on the other hand, you know, the other side says this, and try to kind of give a moral equivalency.  That’s not the way to cover a campaign, and I hope I, and the rest of the press can do better.”


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