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David Letterman “But you know, the Republicans are going to be in Tampa next week for the big national nominating convention, and there’s going to be a hurricane, there’s word that a hurricane that might hit Tampa when the Republicans are in town.  They think it will be hurricane Issac and I said you know what, the Republicans have proven themselves to be pretty good at handling hurricanes.  So I wouldn’t worry a thing.  Heck of a job there Bucky, what was that guys name?  Bobby?  Heck of a job Brownie.  The Republican party has released this statement though, take a look at this statement.”

“A potential hurricane is heading for Florida.  Forecasters warn it could disrupt the Republican Convention in Tampa, however, there’s no cause for alarm.  According to Republican Todd Aiken Florida rarely suffers damage from a legitimate hurricane.  Representative Todd Aiken, science is fun.”

Clip is from 4:19 to 5:30


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